Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Top Las Vegas Lesbian Escorts

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Lesbian Escort Service

Book lesbian escort to experience sensual satisfaction in ways no other woman has ever made you experience it. These ladies know the most sensitive pleasure spots of your body. They know where to touch and how to touch to ensure amazing sensations. With these companions, you are guaranteed an experience that you will live to recall your entire life.

Here are the top lesbian escorts in Las Vegas that you need to book an appointment with:

  1. Dana & Bobbi

These are European Caucasian models that know how to give women sensual pleasure. Dana is 31 while Bobbi is 34 years old. Dana weighs 133 pounds while Bobbi weighs 127 pounds. Both have a bust of 32, cup size C. Their waist measures 28. These babes have hazel eyes. While Dana has blonde hair, Bobbi has brown hair. Book these lesbian escorts to go on a sensually satisfying journey you will never forget.

  1. Ciara

This European beauty understands your sensual desires as a woman. Whether it’s your first time to get intimate with a woman or you are experienced, she will satisfy your desires. Ciara is 24 years old with a height of 5’5”, weight of 118 pounds, and a bust of 32 cup B. Her waist is 27 and she has hazel eyes and brown hair.

  1. Emily

Emily is a Caucasian beauty and one of the best lesbian escorts in Las Vegas. She is 5’3” tall with a bust of 32, cup size B. Her waist is 10-40. At 19 years old, Emily understands female sensuality fully. She knows what to do to make any woman wriggle with sensual pleasure. Emily has long brown hair and she is available for outcall appointments. Book her to make your dream of getting intimate with a beauty goddess a reality.

  1. Rose

Rose is an exotic Caucasian that wants to make you have sensual fun like never before. She is one of the most amazing lesbian escorts to have quality time with. This model is aged 40 years. She has met and satisfied many women sensually. This makes her a perfect companion for an appointment full of sensual gratification. She is 5’3” tall with a waist of 24 and a bust of 34, cup size D. Book her to enjoy sensual satisfaction beyond what words can describe.

  1. Amanda

This exotic Caucasian is aged 28 years. She is among the most experienced lesbian escorts in Las Vegas. She is well-educated and interested in further education. This lady brings class, brains and beauty into the appointment. But most importantly, she understands feminine sensuality and how to explore it. She is 5’4” tall with a bust of 34, cup size B. She has brown eyes and long brown hair.

Book any of these lesbian escort service to live out any of your fantasies in style!  

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